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Original, specialized, dedicated, experienced, passionate, progressive

When you pruchase fur at Feissifur(s) store, you’re shopping with a fur specialist in excellent real fur producing and supplying services! With our professional knowledge and attitude, along with wide range of fur products to fit your needs, Feissfur has been focusing on fur industry and servicing our customers for years and also will continue to bring fur lovers the incredible but affordable genuine fur goods all the time.

The way how Feissifur(s) treat furs

  • Original

    Not only as an online fur retailer, we also are passionate in designing kinds of stylish furs with originality, and producing them in our own fur manufactory by our skilled craftsmen. Fur pelts used in our fur garments are Farm Raised, mostly legally purchased from Denmark (Kopenhagen Fur), Finland (SAGA Furs), USA (American Legend) or Canada (Nafa), and part of them are produced in China mainland. Each valued fur coat carries its own Origin Assured tag.

    Original Fur

  • Specialized

    As a specialized fur company founded in 2008, we begins to be a professional fur store, do precisely and fine, develop into the highly specialized fur corporation.

    Fur Specialist

  • Dedicated

    We've been dedicating to satisfying fur lovers around the world with various of fur styles and improving sale service consistently since established with our professionalism and poise to fur business.

    Fur Dedicator

  • Experienced

    We have years of experience in tailoring fur clothes to cater the specific needs of our clients, offering the gorgeous fur clothing with our great confidence in craftsmanship and quality.

    Experienced Fur Expert

  • Passionate

    We are the people who do these things of fur producing and sale service to to see them as part of a fulfilling, happy, engaged life, and will continue to pursue our career of fur business simply because we are passionate about fur and love this work that is aggressive and inspiring for us.

    Fur Passioinate

  • Progressive

    Feissifur(s) is a progressive fashion fur company who constantly assimilates a good deal of latest information from all kinds of fashion shows, exhibitions, trend analyses etc, and applies some new ideas selectively in practice of design and producing of fur clothing. Though fur is a relatively conservative industry since it existed, it still need progress and reformation to keep the same pace with new technology of fabrics and trends. In the pursuit of excellent, we strive to release the new season's collection of fur styles on a regular basis every year. "Never Stand Still" is the attitude that we embody all the time.

    Fur Progressive

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