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We are striving to help you get the best size fitting you perfectly and provided individual sizing charts for each fur jacket, coat, vest, and other fur styles. Each fur garment style has its own size chart with the actual external measurements on an approximate basis. The sizing chart details the average and approximate external dimensions of the fur garment to give you an average indication of the maximum size the garment will be.

It is important to note that the fur garment will need to be a bit larger than your measurements to be able to be buttoned or zipped up. Also if the jacket, coat or vest is padded then you will also need to allow for 1-2" (2.5-5cm) loss in the external chest and waist width. That is to say that the fur jacket, coat or vest will be 1" (2.5cm) to 2" (5cm) smaller on the inside width if it has a padded or quilted lining (e.g. 1" (2.5cm) less if lightly padded lining, 2" (5cm) less if thickly padded lining).

How to Check Your Size?

We do recommend that the person's up-to-date measurement is used when selecting the required size from the our fur garment sizing chart. Where the waist or abdomen area is larger / wider than the chest then this measurement needs to be used when selecting against the 'Bust' size. Details are provided below if you wish to check the specific measurements of garments include tops and bottoms:

Measurements for tops
  • Shoulder

    This is the full width from the one side shoulder seam to the other side.
  • Bust (Chest)

    This is the full circumference at underarm level of the garment.
  • Waist

    This is the full circumference measurement across narrowest point of the garment.
  • Length

    This is the length from the collar stitch seam line (without the collar) down to the bottom of the jacket. This measurement should be taken down the centre line of the back of the jacket.
  • Sleeve

    This is the full length from the cuff of the sleeve up to the shoulder seam.

Measurements for bottoms
  • Waist

    This is the full circumference of the waistline.
  • Length

    This is the full length from the top of the waistline to the bottom hem.
  • Hip

    This is the full circumference of the hipline.
  • Thigh round

    This is the full circumference of the thigh part.
  • Bottom hem

    This is the full circumference of the bottom hem.


If you are borderline between sizes and, or would like guidance on best size for you, please add in the Special Instructions box on the order checkout page the below information:

  • Your up-to-date height:

    The measurement how tall you are in centimeters or feets.
  • Your up-to-date weight:

    How much do you weigh in kilograms or pounds.
  • Chest measurement:

    Your up-to-date actual chest measurement - very important if the jacket is to be done up.
  • Waist measurement:

    At the widest point - very important if the jacket is to be done up.
  • Size usually taken:

    The garment size you usually take. Please mark the size type of standard (e.g. US, UK, or Euro Size).

Alternatively you can provide measurments from a top or bottom garment that fits you well. The garment needs to be zipped / buttoned up and laid flat on a flat surface (e.g. table or floor). Please check the garment is completely flat (check it is not rippled on the underside) before any measurements are taken.
  • Flat Chest

    From underarm to underarm (to provide the width of the jacket when completely flat):
  • Flat Waist

    Edge to edge measurement across narrowest point:
  • Flat Hips

    Applies to coats and long jackets - width across the widest part of the hips:
  • Shoulder

    From the one side shoulder seam to the other side:
To learn about size conversions

Click Size Conversions to learn more about conversions on different size type.

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