Advice A-B-C Upon Receiving Furs

  • A - Hanging & Ventilation:

    Normally the fur is folded and sealed in a plastic bag while international shipping, which may last a few days even more than 1 week. This is a long period of time to a real fur, as it could be a little smell and crinkle and the hair of fur may collapse or be crushed in a tough condition with all the squeezing and sealing that the fur could not breathing and stretching for the whole shipping time without air circulating. Therefore, when taking the fur out from the parcel upon receiving, it is strongly recommended that you hang the fur in a shaded, well-ventilated place for about 2-3 days to emit the smells and let the fur hair fully stretched until recovering its original shape.

  • B - Shaking & Clapping to Get Rid of the Float Hair:

    All real furs sheds for their nature and parts of shedding float hair comes from cutting and shearing while tailoring and producing. The fresher the fur is, the more shedding it has. So, don’t worry too much about it, as shedding hair will be fewer while wearing. Of course you can manually get rid of the float hair by hanging it in a ventilated place. Shake and clap the fur gently as it will eliminate the shedding issue gradually.

  • C - Storing at Home:

    When a fur coat is not in use and stored at home, try to keep it in as cold and dark a place as possible, and avoid leaving it hanging in direct sunlight or in a brightly lit area, as the light can cause the fur to oxidize or change color. Never hang a fur coat on a wire hanger. Instead, you must use a broad-shouldered hanger. Furthermore, you must always make sure that the fur coat has enough space in the wardrobe so it will not be crushed.

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