Membership Previleges

Hello and welcome to the Membership level page! Feissifur has established a full membership level regulation, which ranks registered members into several levels, from General, Senior, VIP, Retailor, to Wholesale, and each member level has its previlege to get corresponding discounts when shopping at this webstore.

Previlege of Membership Levels
  • Not Logged In

    There is no discount for customers that not logged in as a non-registered member.
  • General

    There is no discount for General customers when logged in as a registered general level member (You are to become general member automatically when registered.)
  • Senior

    There is 5% OFF discount for Senior customers when logged in as a registered senior level member.
  • VIP

    There is 10% OFF discount for VIP customers when logged in as a registered VIP level member.
  • Retailor

    There is 12% OFF discount for Retailor customers when logged in as a registered retailor level member.
  • Wholesale

    There is 15% OFF discount for Wholesale customers when logged in as a registered wholesale level member.

How to apply for higher membership levels?
  • Step 1: Register at our webstore and accumulate your amount of purchase

    Membership level depends on the total history amount of your purchase at this store. Feissifur have settled permit standard for each membership level. Please refer to the following figures to check if your amount of history purchase has reached one of those highers: Senior-$10000 upper; VIP-$50,000 upper; Retailor-$100,000 upper; Wholesale-$200,000.
  • Step 2: Contact our online sale service manager

    In the event that you have meet one of the standard, and are intend to upgrade your membership level to get higher previlege when shopping, please contact our sale service manager first. You can reach us via phone: +86-131-7472-5818, E-mail: [email protected], or through other online chat supported. Our sale service manager will reply you and help you to upgrade your membership in a short time.
  • Step 3: Check out your account when logged in

    After the 2 steps above, please log in and check out at our webstore. If all are correct, the prices of every items are reduced and show up at a discounted figure at the corresponding level of your membership.

Being our higher level member, you are under some obligations you should aware of: 1.Don't abuse your membership account, including but not limited to lend out, sell, or any other operations by other people. Use your membership account only by yourself. 2.Membership previlege may not be used simultaneously with those other product discounts, category discounts, seasonal promotions, coupons etc. Fessifur always has the rights to modify the priority. 3.Importers are responsible for any tax or governmental charge imposed upon the transactions. Any such tax or governmental charge has not been added to the total invoice amount of your order. Feissifur has no obligation and ability to notify how much the tax rate will be. The tax level varies according to the type of item and your country or area. 4. Feissifur always has the rights to modify the Membership Level Regulations, including but not limited to discount levels, permit standard, etc. without notifying related members. 5.Feissifur always has the rights to disqualify or reduce membership level for those members who with nonobservance of obligations listed above, or any orther terms and policies of using this webstore.

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