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Hello and welcome to the Affiliates Program page!

Feissifur(s) has a large collection of fur garments that are popular in the market, and with those luxurious fur clothing becoming more and more affordable and with continually increasing number of fur lovers in the world, surely there is a vast developing prospect of fur sale. In case you are interested in our fur business and have an aspiration to join us as a partner so you can sell our products in your area, our Affiliate Program will be an excellent way to start your brand-new own business.

What advantages you are to get?

  • The complete list of latest fur goods

    Feissifur(s) sends a complete list of our latest fur collections via E-mail regularly, usually every quarter. The list consist of FOB prices offered, material descriptions, size info and other necessary contents that help you learn more about our latest fur collections and make your purchase decision.

  • Wholesale prices on small quantity

    There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) we require for most of our fur items. You could even order simply one item on the wholesale price from us, that makes you be entirely free from the risk of overstock, and gives you a much greater degree of flexibility in the way you deal with your business.

  • Unlimited support from us

    Not only a fur trader, we also design and manufacture fur garments in our own factory, which means that our partners can be more benefit from our fur industry background. From the consultation, to quality control, to shipping and delivery, to modify and replenishment order, Feissifur(s) shows consideration for our clients in every way.

  • Fur samples for free

    We are pleased to offer free samples including shipping cost to our long-term-cooperated clients to check out the detailed style and quality of our fur goods. It is the custom that sample fee will be asked for pay in advance and is to be reduced from the quantity order.

  • The vast profit space

    As being a affiliate or partner of us, the wholesale prices we offer will be as much lower as that level, that carries much high profit margins for you, allows you to implement your own promotional campaign sufficiently. We are in believing that a good cooperative relationship will bring in revenue for both of us. You win, we win.

  • Custom made service

    In case your are a fur fashion designer or you have your own styles of furs and intend to produce them according to your specifications, but has not find a capable manufacture to do it, this is the right place for you to solve your problem. Our custom made service with our skilled sample makers and craftsmen will meet your demand and have your back.

How to apply for being our partner?

  • Step 1: Contact our online sale service manager

    In the event that you are intend to join us to be cooperate with us, please contact our sale service manager first. You can reach us via phone: +86-131-7472-5818, E-mail: [email protected], or through other online chat supported. Our sale service manager will reply you to help you with related issues.

  • Step 2: Sign the cooperation agreement

    After the communication with our sale service manager and have an agreement on the service terms, you'll receive a printed contract in duplicate about the terms on cooperation agreement. Read it carefully and sign it if without any doubt, and then send one copy back to us.

  • Step 3: Make your initial order

    In case the cooperation agreement is signed, we are pleased to send you a complete list of our fur items including quotations. Base on your initial order, the contract that we signed will be activated, and our cooperative relation begins. The initial order has no limit for MOQ, so that it even can simply be a piece of fur scarf.

Obligations in cooperation

Being our affiliate or partner, you are under some obligations you should aware of: 1. Feissifur(s) has all the rights to the intellectual property presented on this website including (but not be limited to) images, pictures, logoes, descriptive texts, etc. You are allowed to use them properly only after authorized by us. 2. You have the duty to not reveal or let out the list of our fur collections sent from us to any third party for obligation of maintaining confidentiality. 3. Once set up our partnership, we both are under the exclusive agreement condition, which means as if we don't build up another cooperative relationship with another party in your area, you are not allowed to build up any other relations on fur sales either with any other fur merchant from our area meanwhile cooperating with our company. 4. There are always fluctuations on wholesale prices due to the raw pelts auction market. You should consider it and accept the price change. Quotations of the new order do not rely upon those previous orders. 5. Importers are responsible for any tax or governmental charge imposed upon the transactions. Any such tax or governmental charge has not been added to the total invoice amount of your order. Feissifur has no obligation and ability to notify how much the tax rate will be. The tax level varies according to the type of item and your country or area.

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